31 Jan 2011


Love a good night out!!
well its safe to say i had an amazing weekend, watching Ms Dynamite in Monkey bar with the gang!

Cant wait for the next!
Muchos Loveos!

23 Jan 2011


I need a new outfit.. for a night out on the town!!
anyone have some tips and links to some great websites?

Sushi! With hannah and kate!
I soo want to learn how to make the stuff! Its amazinglu tasty!

19 Jan 2011

19th of January!
The day sucked ass! I mean comon being a Lloyds tsb worker is hard blinking work! I love my job but sometimes it just gets a bit to much pressure! wish i could just sometimes chill out and do nothing all day!! But then again, that's what weekends are for, and they never last bloody long!

Just been for a Mc Donalds with one of my best friends Kate, and i must say the limited edition Cherry pie is to die for! And in my opinion they should be produced all the time! stunning!!

Anyway im just going to shove a film on and sleep, ready to wake for yet another boring day!...

what you guy's doing!
Im new to blogging, well kind of, so followers would be kinda cool i guess :)



Loving Photoshop cs5.. any tips??....

9 May 2010

Day one!

So this is day one of my blog. I'm not sure what I'm exactly supposed to write, or do for that matter. so i guess ill use this blog as more of a diary of my life.
So today is Sunday, I went over to see my gran and great grandfather today, we recently lost My grampa john who i was dearly close to, and I'm kinda finding it hard to cope with, if anyone reading this has gone through what I'm feeling right now, id appreciate some advice. I guess I'm feeling really low and depressed about it all, but its natural right? It doesn't help that my fathers an alcoholic either, But that's another part of my shit life I'm sure will come out in the next few days, My doctor told me to write down what I'm feeling and express my emotional side more. I think this blog will be that release i need.